Why Happiness Makes You Look Sexy


smilePhoto courtesy of Lauren Rushing

With things like the return of the twerking fad and the fact that every other person you meet has probably gone under the knife at least once for some sort of physical enhancement, the definition of ‘sexy’ may be up for debate.

What I’ve always noticed first about a person, though (male or female), certainly doesn’t have anything to do with how well they can bust a move. In fact, the sexiest thing about you can actually be taken away with too many plastic surgery procedures, rather than the other way around.

Sexiness? It’s all in your attitude.

Have you ever seen someone from across a crowded room and felt instant desire, only to have your attraction dry up the minute he opened his mouth? The opposite can happen too – you may meet a person and not feel a thing until you experience their personality - and then bam! Sexiness overload.

The definition of sexy has so much more to do with what a person has on the inside. Flawless makeup, chiseled muscles and big boobs are only skin deep, and while they definitely have their fans, most of us are looking for an attraction that runs much deeper.

As we’re all working to improve our happiness level and our overall satisfaction with life, the good news is this: the happier we get, the more attractive we’ll be to others. The happiest people typically do the right thing in morally challenging situations. What’s sexier than a man (or woman) who has a strong moral compass?

I’ve definitely noticed that as I get happier, I treat other people with more respect and concern. That comes from the compassion we develop as we move through life’s tough times, overcoming hurdles of our own. Helping others or treating them with the kindness they deserve is very appealing. I know that when my husband regularly sacrifices his own time to help the less fortunate, I find him extremely appealing.

The happiest people also tend to take responsibility for their own mistakes. I don’t know about you, but I find it very sexy when a man can admit that he was wrong. Those people who refuse culpability at all costs are really unappealing to others. No one wants to be around someone who’s constantly oppositional, defensive and argumentative. The ability to see the error of your ways? Well that’s just plain Sex-y.

Finally, the sexiest people are living authentic lives. In a nutshell, that means they are who they say they are. They’re real, and they’re constantly working to make their lives even better. They have the ability to laugh at themselves, see the error of their ways, and they are well-aware that they aren’t perfect. Making mistakes is ok by them, because they’ll take a mistake and learn from it.

The more in touch you are with yourself and the closer you get to that ultimate level of inner peace, the more attractive you become. So, although bringing sexy back may not have been your goal when you decided to live mindfully and get in touch with yourself, it happens to be a really great added bonus.

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