Does Taking the Road Less Traveled Really Make a Difference?

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I’m a planner.  I feel better when there’s a plan in place for just about everything.  I lay out clothes for my entire family each night before bed. I make To Do lists. I know how I’m going to spend my money before I even have it. I planned what age I wanted to be married by and when my children would be born and succeeded at achieving both. Planning makes me feel in control of things and gives me a sense of accomplishment. I don’t handle surprises well at all and my loved ones have all been forbidden from throwing me a surprise party, like, EVER.

I had planned to live happily ever after with my first husband, but, after ten years of marriage, we found ourselves separated and filing for divorce. This was definitely not in my plans, and all of the life changes that occurred afterward were enough to really throw me off balance. However, despite it not being part of the blueprint I had created for my life, I slowly adapted to the idea and life after a divorce.  Now, 2 years later, I am happily remarried to an amazing man and good friends with my first husband. It seems The Universe knew what it was doing.

What I learned from this situation is that, while it’s good to be organized and have life goals, you can’t expect the unexpected. That’s kind of the whole definition of the word, right? Whether something takes you by surprise personally, professionally, or medically, it’s how you react that counts. You can spend your whole life making and executing plans, and bravo if you accomplish everything you set out to do. However, the real life lessons come from navigating the bumps in the road along the way.

Avoiding the bumpy roads keeps us in our comfort zone but doesn’t allow for the personal growth and self-awareness gained by facing a challenging situation. What we learn about ourselves as we face seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be quite an eye-opening experience and can lead us to re-think our original plans.  The next time your life goes off the grid, don’t panic.  Sometimes, the road less traveled can take you where you should have been going all along.

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    • Craigdelli

      Very well said, indeed.

      • Adrienne McGuire

        Thank you! Glad you enjoy reading and hope you subscribe to our daily tips by entering your email address on our home page.

    • Luckylinda1225

      You say things we all think, so succinctly and to the point.

      • Adrienne McGuire

        Glad you can relate, Luckylinda! Thanks for reading and learning!

    • Cheryl

      Thank you for this…just what I needed today.

      • Adrienne McGuire

        So glad to hear it, Cheryl! I felt that way when I wrote it. Happy to hear that you got something out of it too.

    • Melissa Maples

      Thank you for writing this!  Great post.

      • Adrienne McGuire

        Thanks, and you’re welcome!

    • Linda

      Well said and very well written….thank you

      • Adrienne McGuire

        Thank you Linda! I know you have experienced much of what I wrote about, and that you “get it”. Thanks for reading!

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