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Upgrading Your Memory: It’s Not Just RAM We’re Talking About

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This is the second post in our Mindful Mondays series, where we will focus on improving mental clarity, memory and mood.

All week I’ve continued toward improving my mental clarity. I incorporated all of the items I listed out for you last week, hoping to have a somewhat clearer head by today. I have meditated every single day for over an hour. I spent time outdoors and had no alcohol or aspartame. I did better at eating smaller meals but I still have to improve in that area. I was able to continue to live my life drama-free with limited television time.

I failed miserably at getting eight hours of sleep each night though. Some nights I almost managed, but not every night, and that meant I fell asleep during meditation a few times. That is not the desired outcome of meditation, so I must make a concerted effort to ensure that my sleeping is done during the appropriate hours in order for my brain to function at full capacity.

Despite not sleeping as much as I should, I have already noticed a difference in my brain function. I find that I’m not “searching” for words as often as I used to. I have also felt myself taking what I can only describe as mental stops. It’s as if I’m in a movie and everyone else continues to move while I remain still. I just enjoy the action, feeling completely absorbed in the moment. Long after time has sped up again, I still have great retention of what happened during those mental stops.

I’ve been diligently researching the next steps in my Better Memory Mission, and this week, along with continuing the behavioral changes I’ve already implemented, I will be adding supplements to my diet. Here is what I will be taking, and why:

  • Gingko biloba – As a well documented treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, Gingko has also been shown to improve normal age-related memory loss as well as boosting memory in the young.
  • Ginger extract – Along with soothing upset stomachs, ginger has now been shown to improve memory and cognitive function in middle aged women.
  • B-Complex – Low levels of vitamin B6 and B12 have been associated with impaired cognitive function.
  • L-theanine – Shown to have a calming effect on the brain, allowing it to focus, L-theanine is available as a supplement but can also be found in green tea, which is how I will be taking it.

I’ve also ordered some organic oat straw tea, as I’ve been reading a lot about its benefits on attention and focus and I’m going to be ramping up my intake of healthier foods in general, and cutting out as much sugar as possible. Overall, I think I’ve got a fairly solid plan to move forward. I’m pretty psyched that I’ve already made progress!

That pesky little matter of sleeping enough at night is going to be my biggest hurdle, but I am going to make a stupendous effort this week to get back on track. I had an excuse last week – I got an iPhone and I stayed up way too late trying to figure out just how it got so smart.

Much like Apple, we should all work to upgrade our memory and capabilities regularly. After all, if basic phones are null and void, what good is a basic brain?


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