How Your Health is Affecting Your Professional Success

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Once I decided to start working for myself from home, my diet admittedly became less than optimal.  I mean, the kitchen is right there. That delicious Easter candy is so close I can smell that Reese’s peanut butter cup. I began eating whatever was appealing to me on any particular day, instead of being forced to eat the healthy lunch I had packed for my previous office job. I began to realize that this whole “working for myself” thing, while ultimately the best choice for my particular situation, might be taking a toll on certain aspects of my health.

Bloggers, writers and other work-from-home entrepreneurs tend to do a lot of activities that can cause us to be less active than most people. We spend many hours a day coding, typing, reading, proofreading, emailing, posting, marketing, editing websites….and although we love what we do, it is extremely important to keep our bodies running well so that our minds can continue to produce the creativity that makes what we do possible. Additionally, our businesses could possibly skyrocket to a whole new level if we work on optimizing our overal general health.

We can take a look at the foods that we are fueling our minds with, and make some easy changes by cutting out sugary drinks and processed foods all day long. These will sap our energy and our creative levels will plummet.  Taking regular breaks to eat healthy meals and snacks is vital and can really energize productivity levels.  Making time during the work day for brief exercise breaks is a good idea too.  A benefit of working for yourself means that you don’t have totally set hours! Take a half hour in the middle of your work day for a yoga session or a walk around the neighborhood.

Of course, this applies to everyone who is employed, no matter what your job title is, and regardless of who is the boss.  However, working for yourself means that you have to impose many rules and routines onto yourself, without someone telling you, “You will now take a break and eat.” We have a lot to be in charge of as entrepreneurs, and sometimes we put our physical health on the back burner.  Put your health on the front burner! You’ll see a rise in your motivation level, your productivity will increase, and your business will be more successful than ever.



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    • Craigdelli

      I  am struggling mightily with my weight since fully retiring. I basically stopped going out to eat, cut back on my wine, increased my walks but it still hangs on. I have a theory that  when I worked full time and part time I stood ALL day and now I basically SIT except for my exercise period. I am hoping that with the warmer weather and some yard and pool work that I might be able to lose  some weight. Great articel!

      • Adrienne McGuire

        I agree, Craigdelli! At my office job, although I did sit at a desk, I was up and down a lot and was forced to take a lunch break during which I often had nothing else to do but take a walk. I also had to run errands for my bosses in the town and spent a lot of the day lifting and carrying heavy legal files. Now, my entire day can be spent on the couch working virtually! We must make a conscious effort to be more active throughout our days if we want to stay agile. Thanks for reading!

      • Adrienne McGuire

        Yes, we have to make an effort to move about a bit during our day now that we are home more often, don’t we? Thanks for reading!