How to Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed

Is there anything more painful than waking up on the wrong side of the bed?  I can think of a couple, but they all involve the dentist.  We wake up every day, but few of us know the right way to wake up.  How we wake up sets the tone for the next 12+ hours and determines whether we accomplish anything, so you want to be sure you do this right!

This is easy when you’ve spent the night dreaming that you’re touring with your favorite band and are looking forward to a day at the beach … but what do you do when you wake up with a stiff back and a temper?

First, know that even successful people wake up grumpy, so don’t let a temporary state of being ruin your day.  Second, an alarm clock is useless when you’re half-dead.  Historically, I’ve relied on 2 alarm clocks, not because they work but out of a desperate hope that they would.  I’ve since learned that even a cattle prod can’t get me moving unless I’m in the right frame of mind.

Here are some tricks for overcoming this small but important hurdle in your day:

1. What are you grateful for?  Before you leave the bed, pump yourself up.  Tell yourself why you and your life rock.  Don’t overlook the small things – if having sushi for lunch will make your day, mention it.  If you’re dreading something, spin it in a positive light: “I have that project due today, but I have great coworkers who will help me, and then after work I’m going for a walk.”

2. Welcome your body back to the waking world.  Invest in nice sheets.  When you wake up, really touch and feel them, and as you do so, become more and more aware of your body, especially your feet and hands.  This helps energize your body and is more soothing than an alarm clock.  The wall next to my bed has a very pebbly texture, so I’ll press my hand against it to feel it.  It’s a gentle way of reminding my body that I’m waking up.

3. Movement is key.  If you’re feeling grumpy, trick your body by jumping out of bed and dancing across the room, or at least changing up your footsteps.  Do something unexpected to shock yourself out of lethargy, even if it’s a little hopping motion.  If you like music, sing or hum.  Your first steps out of bed can determine your mood for the rest of the day, so make sure they’re good ones.

4. If you can’t change your mood, stay in bed.  It may sound counter intuitive, but if you can’t change how you’re feeling, don’t get up until it shifts.  This may take a while, but it’s better than a bad day.

5. Resist the temptation to invest in a cat.  When it comes to waking you up in the morning, cats are actually more unforgiving than cattle prods.

Remember, waking up well is not done through willpower but a system that supports you and your mood.  Use these cheat codes to build that system for yourself, or create your own.

Today’s post was written by DailyPath reader Carolynn Ananian. Carolynn is an energy healer and teacher of metaphysics.  Based in New Jersey, she travels internationally helping people feel better so they can follow their dreams and leave their mark on the world.

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