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How to Let Go of the Skeletons in Your Closet

closetPhoto courtesy of Darwin Bell

We’ve all got dirty laundry. Most of it is stuff we can throw in with the sheets and towels – but what about those stubborn stains that won’t come out?

Just like our laundry, sometimes we all want to “erase” parts of our past – things that we’re embarrassed about or wish we’d never done. If there was a stain remover for past mistakes, I have a feeling it would be flying off supermarket shelves faster than they could stock it.

Alas, no such magic potion exists, so we’ve got to find ways to live with the events that stain our memories and perhaps our self-worth. Whether you’re dealing with¬†some dirty laundry¬†or a full sized skeleton in your closet – you’ve got to open that door and let it out if you’re moving toward finding inner peace. Keeping those secrets with you is a heavy burden that will hold back your momentum. Letting them go means facing them head on, though, and it’s going to be really difficult to open the door that first time.

However, after you’ve opened the door that holds your skeleton(s), you’ll be past the biggest hurdle and onto the healing part of picking up the pieces. A lot of the bones will be really, really old – so ancient you might even forget where they came from, and that’s ok. In that case, just acknowledge it and toss it in the garbage.

Any secrets from your past that have had a deep impact on your psyche will come out into the open now, and it’s important to decide what to do with them. Sometimes, sharing the secret with a trusted friend or family member can take away the power that it holds over you. Maybe the secret is something that needs to be written down and silently bid goodbye. This may be the case if sharing the secret will open old wounds or could potentially hurt someone else. On the other hand, it may be necessary to share something you’ve been hiding from someone in order to fully break free from it.

Additionally, there are times that we hold onto information because we were told not to share it. These secrets can cause a lot of mental anguish for anyone – trying to figure out the “right” thing to do. If sharing a long-kept secret will change someone’s life entirely, you may have to give a lot of thought to the consequences of sharing with that person.

If there are no skeletons and only dirty laundry in your closet that is solely your own, feel free to hang it all out on the line for everyone to see. No harm, no foul – it’s your information to share as you see fit. And, once all of your secrets are aired, what can hold you back from reaching unimaginable heights?

Lighten your load and take the power away from those skeletons wearing dirty clothes – the sooner, the better. Most likely, they’re a lot less offensive than you believe them to be, anyway. It’ll be exciting to see how much easier you move through life without wondering what’s behind that closet door.

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