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Get Twisted: We Have a Winner!

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We are thrilled to announce that Ashley Cieglo from Mississippi is the lucky winner of our Get Twisted Yoga Package!

Ashley will receive:

We look forward to hearing about how she incorporates them into her yoga practice.

Congratulations, Ashley!

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We Have a Winner!


We are thrilled to announce that Sandy Cain from New York is the lucky winner of our March Meditation Mastery Kit. Sandy’s awesome meditation gear, resources and gift card will reach her this week, and we look forward to hearing how she incorporates them into her meditation practice. Om shanti.

Stay tuned, faithful readers! Our next giveaway isn’t far away, and you might be the next lucky winner.

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Zen Mastery: Meditation Giveaway

Here at TinyShift, we love our readers! We know that you are all committed to making important changes in your life and we applaud every effort you’ve made. Helping you get closer to the life you’ve always wanted excites us, and we love keeping you motivated with regular, awesome giveaways.

A huge part of our vision at TinyShift involves living mindfully and appreciating all of the moments life has to offer. Regular meditation practice gently teaches your brain to live in the now by becoming more conscious of the mind/body connection. You’ll also learn to start paying attention carefully as you move through the world.

In this month’s giveaway, we encourage you to take your meditation to the next level, or try it out for the first time. Everything you need to begin practicing meditation at home is included in our Meditation Kit. Be sure to enter once every day until the end of the giveaway to increase your chances of winning. Also, when you visit the giveaway page, you can learn how to earn extra points! The winner will receive:

Meditation Gear:

Meditation Resources:

Meditation Apps:

This giveaway begins today, February 15, 2013 and the winner will be drawn on March 15, 2013. The giveaway is for TinyShift subscribers only, so be sure to confirm your subscription.

Click Here to Enter Now!

Thanks for reading. You guys rock!

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Kickstart 2013: Kindle Fire WINNER

Photo courtesy of DailyPath, Inc.

Happy New Year! May this be the year that you are able to master the areas of your life that you’ve been slowly improving. Or, if you’re new to making tiny shifts, welcome to the life improvement process!

The TinyShift staff has been so excited about our Kindle Fire Giveaway that the lead-up to New Year’s Eve was filled with more anticipation than usual for us.  The giveaway ended just as the ball dropped here in New York City, just a few blocks from our office. Early yesterday morning, we randomly selected a winner from all of the entries, and we’re pleased as Punch to announce that our Kickstart 2013: Kindle Fire Winner is:

Stefanie Gladden!!!  CONGRATULATIONS, Stefanie! You’ll be receiving your preloaded Kindle Fire shortly!

To all of the rest of our readers, we give a humongous thank you for being a part of the TinyShift community by reading the blog, following us on Twitter, keeping up with us on Facebook, and pinning right along with us on Pinterest.

Because TinyShift would be nothing without our readership, we’ll be “appreciating” you regularly with more giveaways and fun contests that will help you make those small but impactful changes we’re always talking about! Stay tuned for what we’ll be offering up next.

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Kickstart 2013: Kindle Fire Giveaway

As 2012 pulls to a close, we want to empower you to ignite your best self and blast into 2013 with a free Kindle Fire!

We’ve got a Kindle Fire preloaded with 6 apps and 5 e-books that will really help you start kicking ass in the new year.

Out with the bad habits, in with some better ones!

To read all of the details about everything you will receive if you win, just visit our giveaway page, where entering to win will take you less than a minute.

Best of all, if you win, you’ll receive your preloaded FREE Kindle Fire just in time to start the new year off on the right foot.

No strings attached! This is simply our way of thanking everyone who reads TinyShift.

Good luck!

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DailyPath Trailguide is now TinyShift!

Our main mantra here at DailyPath has always been this: make small changes in your life now, so that you’ll be able to find your way to ultimate happiness. We thrive on helping our readers succeed at making the right choices!

All of the DailyPath staff members have been learning and making some tiny shifts along the way as well.  While we strive to bring you the information that will help you reach your life goals, we readily admit that we’re always learning and improving, too.

With that being said, we’re here to tell you that we’re taking an exciting step in what we think is the right direction for our site and our readers.

The website formerly known as DailyPath Trailguide has gone down to the Social Security Office and changed its name to TinyShift.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything or make any changes. Our emails will come from instead of Visits to will automatically redirect to the right place on

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please let us know!

As always, we deeply appreciate having you as part of our audience, and we look forward to continuing to improve together.

-Adrienne, Ben, and Ryan


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