We’re a group of friends who wanted to start improving our lives. Along our journey, we discovered just how difficult it can be to make positive changes without help! We decided to help others move forward by sharing what we’ve learned along the way, as well as our future goals and our plans for accomplishing them.

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Who Are You Guys?

DailyPath was the brainchild of Ben Rasmusen and Ryan Waggoner, who were later joined by Melissa Maples and Adrienne McGuire. We came up with the idea for DailyPath in the fall of 2010 while attempting to develop better habits. In 2011, we expanded that vision and began making changes in many areas of our lives, sharing what we learned along the way. In 2012 we unveiled a completely new site design, and soon we will invite you to share what you’ve learned in our up and coming ‘TinyShift Community.’