10 Fun Things to do During a Power Outage

Photo courtesy of D’Amico Rodrigo

Hopefully it’s not something you find yourself faced with very often, but when dealing with a power outage, brainstorming fun and interesting things to do is important if you want to come away from it with your sanity. If you happen to be without power right now and like many people, have never thought this through, you’re in luck, because I have just recently been in your shoes.

This week, Hurricane Sandy has caused power outages for thousands of households in between Jamaica and Eastern Canada. As she made her way toward my town, along with buying the appropriate survival supplies, I started compiling a mental list of activities that would keep us adequately entertained, should we find ourselves without electricity:

  • Make a tent world. All this requires is candles (or flashlights) and blankets. Especially when you have children, hours can be whiled away creating interesting “rooms” and telling stories inside your gigantic room-sized tent. For added fun, bring pillows, books, and snacks in with you!
  • Sleep. Taking advantage of the lack of power to catch up on your sleep may not sound like fun, exactly, but it sure feels good, and is good for you.
  • Tell stories. Make them up as you go, having each person in your family add to the story as you tell it outloud, or read a good book!
  • Have a pig out. Raid your freezer since everything in there will be the first to melt or go bad, and reach for the ice cream first. Make the most of it and have a “Make Your Own Sundae” party with your family and/or neighbors.
  • Draw or paint. Take advantage of this time to get in touch with your creative side again.
  • Trade back rubs.  Take turns paying special attention to your significant other’s back (or feet, or….you get the idea). And then make sure the favor gets returned. Another fun idea is to “draw” words on your kids’ backs and have them try to guess what you “wrote.” They’ll love it (and it feels great!)
  • Have a candlelit dinner. Even if the food is sandwiches and fuit – eating dinner by candle light isn’t something you probably get to do very often.  With all of your electronic distractors turned off, you might end up having the best conversation you’ve had in a long time.
  • Meditate. The best place to practice meditation is in a quiet, dimly lit room.  Light a few aromatherapy candles, get comfortable, and get in touch with yourself.
  • Have a fashion show. While this might seem like something that would need light, you’d be surprised how much you can see with some of today’s powerful flashlights.  Set up a few battery powered lanterns and try out some new clothing combinations, or engage your kiddos in a game of dress-up.
  • Sing. Perhaps you’ve forgotten, but playing ”Name that Tune” is actually really fun. If the power is out for an extra long time, you might have to resort to ”99 Bottles.”

As always, be sure to stay mindful during whatever crisis may be causing you to be without power.  Although it may be scary at times if you’re in the throngs of an intense storm, follow the mindfulness principles, find your center, and try to make the best of it.

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